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Shares of OReilly Automotive Inc. (ORLY) hit a new 52-week high of $116.14 on Jul 5, which is above its previous level of $115.85 on Jul 2, and closed at $115.75 on the same date. The closing price represented a solid one-year return of 33.7% and year-to-date return of 28.8%. OReilly Automotive, headquartered in Springfield, Mo., is the third largest specialty retailer of automotive aftermarket parts, tools, supplies, equipment, and accessories in the U.S., selling products to both Do-it-Yourself (DIY) customers and Do-it-for-Me (DIFM) or professional installers. It has a market cap of $12.8 billion. Average volume of shares traded over the last three months stood at approximately 719.3K. Shares of the company started escalating following its improved first-quarter results and promising guidance announced on Apr 24 as well as improving fundamentals in the automotive market. ORLY posted a 19.3% increase in earnings to $1.36 per share in the first … Continue reading

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On multiple occasions, Warren Buffett has bluntly admitted thatBerkshire Hathaway’s (NYSE: BRK-A  ) (NYSE: BRK-B  ) enormous market capitalization will make it impossible for the company to duplicate its past rates of return going forward. That’s no wonder, especially when we note by the end of 2012 he had grown Berkshire’s per-share book value by 586,817% over the previous 48 years. But that certainly doesn’t mean Berkshire can’t continue to beat the market going forward. What it does mean, however, is that investors can expect the role of small acquisitions to continue playing an ever-increasing role in expanding Berkshire’s moat, even as the company continues to snap up relatively large businesses. Remember, in March, I highlightedthe fact that Buffett told investors 2012 was a record year for “bolt-on” purchases, as Berkshire quietly spent around $2.3 billion for 26 companies to be absorbed into its existing operations. With an average cost per company … Continue reading

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While Apple Inc (APPL) is busy resolving supply chain/logistical issues, the iPad Retina mini production reached a brilliant 4 million. This is not the only good news for Apple. The production of iPhone 5s has also gone up significantly so much so that the company is shipping all variations of the smartphone within 3-5 days. This apart, Foxconn has further boosted production capacity for the iPhone5s as the expense of cheaper iPhone 5c on Apples request. Foxconn, the contract manufacturer based in Taiwan, has around one million workers in China. The company operates approximately 100 production lines across the country at full capacity. According to sources, approximately 3,00,000 workers are dedicated to making components for iPhone 5s which includes components like metal castings. It is also rumored that the company has arranged for about 600 workers for the manufacture of every iPhone 5s in their production facilities. Apart from Foxconns … Continue reading

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An array of energy’s sub-industries are making a fortune from America’s natural gas boom. Rigs, pipelines, rail, wastewater treatment, trucking, seismic imaging, well-site security… And a lot more opportunity is on the way, like the deal Kent just uncovered. But perhaps the most unlikely beneficiary of the shale revolution is the coal industry. After all, “King Coal” has been dethroned in recent years by the swelling supply – and bargain prices – of clean-burning natural gas. Indeed, thermal coal at the Australian port of Newcastle, the Asian benchmark price, is currently near lows not seen since November 2009. Australian producers have especially been struggling. They’ve been cutting costs and paring back production because U.S. and large project financiers like the World Bank are pulling away from coal projects. And overall, ever-increasing environmental regulation is discouraging coal-powered electricity. But the dynamic is suddenly changing. Top 5 Trucking Stocks For 2014: Grupo … Continue reading

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Many airline passengers can’t wait to make more use of their electronic gadgets now that the Federal Aviation Administration has moved to allow that. But business travelers expect some frustration at continuing restrictions against checking Internet connections such as email. A survey released in May found that 99% of adult airline passengers carried at least one personal electronic device with them during the previous year, according to the Airline Passenger Experience Association and the industry group Consumer Electronics Association. The most common gadgets used during flights are smartphones (28%), laptops (25%), tablets (23%), audio players (23%) and e-readers (13%), according to the survey. The national survey of 1,629 adults was conducted by landline and cell phones in December 2012. 5 Best Airline Stocks To Invest In Right Now: ANA Holdings Inc (ALNPF) ANA HOLDINGS INC., formerly All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd., is a Japan-based airline holding company. Its Air Transportation … Continue reading